Exterior House Painting


Power washing and Soft Washing

Before a paint can is EVER opened we power wash all the surfaces to clean algae, dirt, mold and moss growth from the surfaces. We use eco-friendly cleaners to soft wash the surfaces and high pressure washing to remove paints and stains from surfaces in need of paint/stain removal. 

Prep, Prep, and MORE prep!

The difference between a "good" and a "great" paint job is PREP. We scrape loose paint by hand the old school way, prime raw wood and metals before we apply any paints, caulk gaps in wood to wood surfaces, pound in loose nails and fasten loose screws. We shop vac all paint chips we made by scraping and are very concerned with leaving your home looking better than when we started the prep work phase. We also use plastic, tape and paper to protect surfaces NOT being painted as well as remove and replace the downspouts on your home as we paint it. All of this is done BEFORE we start painting. That's what makes us Tru Pro Painting. 

Prime when Primer Needed

If your home needs to be primed we will let you know beforehand. Many painting contractors today won't prime. This is a crucial step to the new paint bonding to the surface. Many surfaces HAVE to be primed. Raw wood, raw metal, porches, concrete, block foundations, brick and many more surfaces 

1 coat or 2 coats of paint?

At Tru Pro Painting we can prep and paint your home's exterior wood trim, gutters, downspouts, stucco, wood siding, cedar siding, hardi-siding, stucco, brick, block, concrete, porches, decks, gazebos, trellis structures, shutters, doors, windows and more! When it comes to paint we recommend doing 2 coats of paint. This is not always necessary for color coverage but it ensures the paint will bond better and last longer. We believe we should "Do it  right the first time or not at all"! 

Clean Up

There's nothing better than coming home from a long work day to your home's beautiful curb appeal looking great and there being absolutely no evidence of any painters EVER being there. This is our mission when it comes to the clean up of your painting work. We vow to protect your bushes, landscaping, mulching, porches and driveways as well as sidewalks from paint splatter, paint chips, plastic, paper, tape and any other trash a painting project can create. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you hire to paint for you? 

We only hire background checked painters who have been fully trained on the how's and to's of painting homes.

How many painters can I expect to be at my home? 

You can expect as many as the project calls for. Small projects may need 1-2 painters. Other larger jobs may need 4-6. It all depends on the project size.

Do I provide the paint or do you?

We recommend having us obtain the paint for you. We have accounts with major paint suppliers that can save you 15-35% off paints and stains. 

Does someone have to be home for the painting to be done? 

NO. Although you are more than welcome to be home during the painting process we can ensure the painting will be done professionally and completed in a timely manner. 

How do I pick a color? 

We can provide a color wheel for your review that has the majority of the colors available to you. OR you can go to Sherwin-Williams.com to view their colors prior to our arrival. If you would like a Color Consultation through Sherwin Williams is available. Please ask your Project Manager about the details.

Will you spray, brush or roll? 

This depends on the surface. Some jobs we spray. Some jobs we roll. IF we can spray safely without damaging cars and other surfaces we always try to. However, with the majority of situations we are limited to brush and rollers. If we spray we will spray first and use a brush or roller second to ensure the paint is getting INTO the surfaces rather than laying on top.