Interior Painting

Color Assistance


Can't seem to choose the right color? Need help picking an accent wall? Or want to know what the latest color trends are? Click below to discuss our color assistance programs. 

Prep, Prep, Prep


Anybody can paint. It takes prep, prep and more prep to get it done right. We start off every interior painting project by patching holes, nicks and gouges, removing outlet covers, taping off wood trim, floors and using drop cloths BEFORE a paint can is ever even OPENED! 

Top Tools, Paint and Labor


In this industry the saying is true; "You get what you pay for!" We only offer great paints that help get great results! We believe this is true for tools AND labor as well. Most of our Client's tell us we aren't the cheapest. They also tell their friends about the great experience, professionalism and long lasting business relationship they plan on having with us!